I said I was going to spend this weekend writing a song, but then I broke into a fever and have only just stopped feeling gross. orz

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Tfw the cashier at the donut shop mishears you and gives you a donut you didn’t ask for but you don’t correct them because you can’t think of how to say what you need to say without sounding like an asshole

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Also, while walking to the theatre, I noticed the central street in my city is decked out in holiday lights. Been feeling iffy lately, but the holiday spirit helps inject some positivity.

Just got out of Hosoda Mamoru’s Mirai. It was cute, and I liked the vignettes of Kun’s family. The structure was pretty experimental.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure pt. 5 is everything I need in my life.

my voice instructor has asked me to find some songs that hit my "sweet spot" in my voice. the songs I'm thinking of learning are...

@dreamlanddriftr in a very “kill yr idols” mood lately. Feeling a lot of things I don’t want to get into, but mostly that the people I look up to need not be put on such high pedestals.

Had a massive headache at work, but practicing singing and working on songwriting has helped a ton. Hoping I can finish this song soon.

this song title ("Becoming an Adult Is Hard") is still the realest thing ever youtube.com/watch?v=LNpIGK_klb

Back at my apartment after Thanksgiving festivities. Now with new couch!

I caved and bought the Ingmar Bergman box set as part of B&N's Criterion sale. Excited to see more Bergman movies, but (somewhat) bummed that I have to wait until March before I can see them all.

Saw a news report today that said those who are socially isolated risk an early death. I felt personally attacked..

@dreamlanddriftr sad part is I completely forgot to toot this until I saw Robyn is playing here... also in March. Will probably have to skip her :(

Excited to say I’m seeing Massive Attack in March!!

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