wrote another song tonight.. that's four for this month alone. need to record them all sometime.

Left work early due to anxiety, and spent the evening feeling down on myself. Somehow, I managed to write a full song within an hour about my feelings.. and now I feel worlds better.

finished writing two songs today! I'm going to take a little break for now, but I might start writing a third later.

Had an AMAZING time at Matthew Dear's show last night. Already love his albums, but he's an incredible live performer too. Check out his stuff!! Here's "Her Fantasy": youtube.com/watch?v=l7GB8IJs6i

Any and all feedback is welcome as I start to share some recordings with you all. I like to think I do a good job identifying weak areas and areas for improvement, but don't feel like you can't chime in! I'm a grown up and can handle feedback.

did an off-the-cuff, lazy cover of "Always on My Mind" acapella so my friend could her my vibrato. check it out here! soundcloud.com/thebluesavant/a

also, I should adhere to these principles from Carlos Maza:

- drink water
- practice self-compassion
- embrace vulnerability
- ask for help

pretty sure I had a panic attack at work on Thursday. note to self: don't drink coffee with any sort of regularity.

I'm sorry for the delay on this one, but I thank you for your patience! Here is the demo of my song, "Two Weeks", with vocals. Check it out! soundcloud.com/thebluesavant/t

Am sitting down for the first time in what feels like forever to work on some songs..

I'm really hyped for SEKAI NO OWARI's new albums on the 27th. been listening to their old stuff in anticipation. check them out!


been slowly plugging away at writing another song. I've got a verse and a chorus, so it shouldn't take much longer to finish. exciting times..

this month and last have been especially difficult for me emotionally, but writing songs has been helpful. I don't know what I did, but I'm able to be creative without judging myself too harshly, and it has resulted in greater productivity. looking forward to sharing these with you all soon!

finished writing a song!! now I can work more intensely on the other two I've got drafted.

@dreamlanddriftr my vocal coach alerted me to the fact that the vocal track is muted on the wav file. I’ll immute it and reup tonight.. sorry for the errors, everyone! 😥

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