here's 10 reasons why I hate Valentine's Day:

1) I don't like to be stalked
2) I'm not into that shit
3) all your chocolates are cheap
4) they might be poisoned who the fuck knows
5) I'm married and happy
6) it might stress my wife
7) I have to throw these away
8) which is bad for the planet
9) so why don't you just make friends
10) and give nice stuff to someone who really cares about you

on réalise très peu la gentillesse des gens que l'on rencontre à peine ; certainement à cause du fait que nous nous rencontrons à peine justement :|

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here's a song I wrote late last month. my vocal coach told me I should record it, so here it is unmixed! the vocals are sharp in places, but I think it turned out okay. thank you for listening!

I really get troubles using an azerty keyoboad

bring back 🎵 bring back 🎵 oh bring back my qwerty to meee to meee 🎵

Just remember to clean your pop filter, microphone, keyboard, mouse, and headphones.

Isopropanol (air sprays for the keyboard)

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im obsessed with this phone and how advanced it looks for its time (1999) while still looking dated

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@eishiya ahhh kanske jag måste skriver det upp också!! Haha visa det, jag behöver denna ordbok VARJE. TIMME.

A big shout out to all of you who accepted to help me with Swedish ❤️ I truly appreciate that you're taking time to help me, correct me, and talk with me 😊 it's really kind of you.

Also a big thanks to those who boosted the toot!!! 😘

Any swede on Mastodon?

I'd like to practice my written/spoken Swedish...

I can teach you back some French or English ☕

Why is it so hard to keep yourself hydrated


Even plants can do it

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you: discussing gender and politics on the internet
me, a genius: does anyone wanna see the cat i drew its got seven legs and a hat

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#OpenAudio is an instance of @funkwhale , which is part of the ActivityPub-powered Fediverse.

You can browse tens of thousands of music tracks that are legal to download and share at: specialises in #CreativeCommons tracks and other #Libre music, much of it from the Free Music Archive ( The FMA has been under threat recently, so is a sort of lifeboat for the content.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #FunkWhale

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