Romance movies are like
-"I hate you"
- "me too but maybe not"
-"damn you're actually attractive"
-"let's fall in love"

How do you manage your time between work, family, and music??

Important advice :

If you hire a freelancer graphic designer, make sure the provided work is 100% original!

Because the labels and distributors do not allow album covers from stocks.

You better pay an artist or a studio 150 or 300 to get something truly original, and work with them on the long run.

Thank you!

I might be the most boring person you know and trust me I'm tired of adventure and complications. Time to rest and focus on stability

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@machi Idk what you may be looking for, buuuut here is my little internet biz card:

Links to my portfolio and various galleries, and contact info.

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@machi Hi! My commissions will re-open in January. I'm also open to licensing my existing work.

While I offer a variety of work, my specialties are people, animals, and sci-fi/fantasy.

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@machi Hi, my commissions are currently closed for the change in years but they'll open again in january and I'm always open for interesting work!

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@machi I have a commissions page up on my website!

... if that's what you were talking about?

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@machi Hey! I do. Here's my commissions post (which is actually on another instance - I haven't made one for masto art yet) though it should be noted the the prices only apply to personal commissions.

You can see more of my work here:

Does anyone on Masto art offers art work? Send me your links please!

It's not only for me but for the whole producers instance, having talented artists we can contact to get some art work would be amazing. 😊

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coming up in 30 minutes its @snowdusk_ with a very special #christmas #live #music #dj set on help snowdusk get a #bump and #celebrate the #holiday with 50 other people #indie #diy #radio

Married life is normal couple life with additional kindness

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why does a major 7th harmonic sound good but a minor 2nd harmonic sound *bad*?

like why does C4 + B4 sound good while B4 + C5 sounds bad?

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Tfw the cashier at the donut shop mishears you and gives you a donut you didn’t ask for but you don’t correct them because you can’t think of how to say what you need to say without sounding like an asshole

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