Hey Masto!

Does anyone has one of these headsets? I'm willing to buy yours if you're not using them anymore.

I'm asking here because no websites allows shipping to Canada and it's quite an old headset so yeah. Screw me lol

Or if you're from united states can I ship it to your adress and you then send it to me? I'll pay the whole thing don't worry.

Here's a picture (found on
techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/p) :

Tack @openess för skickade denna ordbok!!! Jag använder det nu :D (är min svenska så dåligt du behöva att skicka en ordbok till mig? Haha)

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Six days before my Swedish exam

spam me with Swedish sentences

there's so many things I hate and do not tolerate that if I wasn't a bit funny I'd had no friends

I'm still surprise no one got the secret message in each of my songs when it plays backward

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wrote another song tonight.. that's four for this month alone. need to record them all sometime.

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something married people will understand

when my wife cooks something and asks me if I liked it and looks at me with such a beautiful regard I suddenly forget what it tasted like and tell her I enjoyed it so much I want her to make this again someday

I'm looking for a smartphone OS that is up to date.

Any recommendations or documentation I can consult?

Thank in advance 😜

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if my child came out as heterosexual i would love them just the same

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Everyone (in the music production world anyway) always jokes about someone messing with the EQ on your snare after you get it just right, but to be honest the project I'm working on right now is the first time I've ever spent 4 solid hours trying to get a snare to sit just right and yeah, if someone came in and touched it while I was gone I'd actually kill them.

it's been days that I don't feel right :/

and no, feeling down doesn't give you any inspiration

some advices? I tried to read, walk outside, watch a movie, drank a hot cocoa, ...

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Hello, instance admins.

I'd like to know, what do you do about silent accounts?

Like, those who were registered and were never actually touched again?
Do you delete them? And if you do, how do you do it?

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@Shonalika I like a lot of her songs. But I prefer hearing them live and stuff tho

these are some I like




her latest album was honestly wack, hope the next album will be better.

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New music, doesn't worth being uploaded anywhere else than YouTube :


It's quite relaxing

There should be special healthcare for people like me unable to cook food without poisoning themselves

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