Looking for music curators :) can be from other instances, but need to create an account on to be asigned the role!

@machi If i weren't oversubscribed i'd try to apply.

maybe @craigmaloney is interested though? *nudge nudge* Our resident metal curator himself.

@chuck @craigmaloney Why not? The more people who wants to share their music or other people's music, the better!

@chuck @machi Thanks, but I'm having enough curating for the podcast itself. :)

@brandon Toot and retoot music from a music style he appreciates =) the username will be displayed on the mainpage of the instance for users to find "playlists" accounts, so they can discover new artists. No big deal!

@machi Are there any restrictions on links that can be shared? (aside from the normal "don't self-promote")

Eg: are spotify or itunes links allowed?

@brandon You can post every song or track that you made, and no, it wont impact the visibility of your future toots in the timeline. Of course a bit of variety of artist is required! Reverbnation links, spotify links, any links that redirects to a music website is allowed. A curator promotes, after all! ☺

@brandon Nice! I'll promote everyone who applied next week or in two weeks max, letting other people time to apply!

@machi over on your instance I'm @brandon

I haven't finished setting it up yet tho

@machi i'm producer animator. am i valid? 🏃‍♀️

@guayabito why not? If you're ready to retoot your favourite music style!

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