Does anyone on Masto art offers art work? Send me your links please!

It's not only for me but for the whole producers instance, having talented artists we can contact to get some art work would be amazing. 😊

@machi Hey! I do. Here's my commissions post (which is actually on another instance - I haven't made one for masto art yet) though it should be noted the the prices only apply to personal commissions.

You can see more of my work here:

@machi I have a commissions page up on my website!

... if that's what you were talking about?

@machi Hi, my commissions are currently closed for the change in years but they'll open again in january and I'm always open for interesting work!

@machi Hi! My commissions will re-open in January. I'm also open to licensing my existing work.

While I offer a variety of work, my specialties are people, animals, and sci-fi/fantasy.

@machi Idk what you may be looking for, buuuut here is my little internet biz card:

Links to my portfolio and various galleries, and contact info.

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