Hey Masto!

Does anyone has one of these headsets? I'm willing to buy yours if you're not using them anymore.

I'm asking here because no websites allows shipping to Canada and it's quite an old headset so yeah. Screw me lol

Or if you're from united states can I ship it to your adress and you then send it to me? I'll pay the whole thing don't worry.

Here's a picture (found on
techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/p) :

Tack @openess för skickade denna ordbok!!! Jag använder det nu :D (är min svenska så dåligt du behöva att skicka en ordbok till mig? Haha)

of course I'm working on songs!

I just keep forgetting about them ^__^'

@eishiya ahhh kanske jag måste skriver det upp också!! Haha visa det, jag behöver denna ordbok VARJE. TIMME.

I'm proud of my new track!! youtube.com/watch?v=PCQbLV-oI2 It's an handsup track, mixed to some eurodance =) LOVE IT!

This is my "on-the-go" studio setup, it's meanly a computer with only a microphone and a mouse plucked in. I also use my personnal laptop a lot LOL because I enjoy making music everywhere =) I'm not a speaker person, I'll stay a bedroom producer for a few more years I guess...


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