here's 10 reasons why I hate Valentine's Day:

1) I don't like to be stalked
2) I'm not into that shit
3) all your chocolates are cheap
4) they might be poisoned who the fuck knows
5) I'm married and happy
6) it might stress my wife
7) I have to throw these away
8) which is bad for the planet
9) so why don't you just make friends
10) and give nice stuff to someone who really cares about you

@eishiya ahhh kanske jag måste skriver det upp också!! Haha visa det, jag behöver denna ordbok VARJE. TIMME.

I'm proud of my new track!! It's an handsup track, mixed to some eurodance =) LOVE IT!

This is my "on-the-go" studio setup, it's meanly a computer with only a microphone and a mouse plucked in. I also use my personnal laptop a lot LOL because I enjoy making music everywhere =) I'm not a speaker person, I'll stay a bedroom producer for a few more years I guess...


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