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I dreamed that a witch killed me by cutting of my head

Paying a few dollars for a draw or a song is what distinguishes humans from animals

I'm getting a motorcycle in two weeks because why the fuck not

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Stop doing crusades

No one actually cares about who's fanfiction is better

We don't want to see more gay characters in TV shows

We want to see more dogs

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Today we've celebrated the first of may with the swedish left party. We were a few hundred people in the demonstration in our small city and the speakers talked about topics such as #equality and the #environment. Topics that are tied close together.

#1may #may1st

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Also I will never forget that I asked for a dog and that I got a little brother

I will always remember. Believe me.

I'm SO grateful I never had to grow up with my brothers

One of them was constantly asking for news from me for over ten years


Do I look like a sister-senpai-life-adviser-coach to you bitch

If an American shoot at you


We have free healthcare

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So my chronically ill, non binary, asexual partner has started making the most adorable knitted animals and they're currently doing a pride range that include Bree the Biceratops, Tilly the Transceratops and Peter the Pansexual Stegosaurus. They'll be at #OpenSandwiches in #Manchester on Saturday at Nexus Art Cafe from 1930 and they have a Facebook page.

Please boost if you like them and think your followers would like them too!

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I may be only french/canadian I still love everyone

even americans


even you

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