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People : "don't comment on my photos"

Also people : "hey look at this photo I just took"

If you get frequently annoyed by noise, don't even try to make records.

My advice is to record at night on in a studio

People on mastodon are either furries either angry lesbians either people with really funny sexual orientation and patologies.

Somewhere in between you can find friends.

Even some dog pictures

But you mostly find yourself blocked if you're me

People on mastodon have no sense of humour

We should deport them to twitter for my sake

It's ok to be close minded

Don't consider yourself the voice of the truth though

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What a beautiful Sunday.

I hope your day is going as good as mine

why does all the lesbians here on mastodon hates men

everyone is ok to me

No for real

I injured my left feet

It does hurt


I wonder what it's like to date an anglophone

Should I get a motorbike OR a new console with new games

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